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Designing Sustainability means exploring creative approaches to design that are rooted in understandings of being human - a type of design that grows out of contemplation, reflection and quietness and is enriched by cultural context and locale. These are essential ingredients of the examined life and of spiritual development, and a vital aspect of creativity.

Inner values and spiritual wellbeing have long been associated with the natural world. For centuries, in both Eastern and Western traditions, Nature has been seen as a source of spiritual nourishment and something to be honoured and cherished.

Designing Sustainability refers to ways of designing that emerge from solitude, from thinking deeply about something, from spending time in Nature, being heedful of its rhythms and drawing inspiration from its presence.

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Exhibition: April 16 - June 6 2016: In collaboration with Suzy Jones Projects and supported by Arts Council England, an exhibition of propositional design work by Stuart Walker entitled DESIGN FOR LIFE at Brantwood, John Ruskin's home at Coniston in the English Lake District. Read an article about the exhibition in SUBLIME magazine. Watch The Tell-tale Notch audio-visual presentation and the Confession video performance, both featured in installations at the exhibition.

Keynote: April 11 2016: Stuart Walker gave a Keynote Talk at, EurOMA Forum 2016 Lancaster

Conference Paper: Lucas Pantaleão and Olympio Pinheiro presented their work on the designs of Stuart Walker at the 5th Symposium of Sustainable Design in Rio de Janeiro on 9 November 2015.

Journal Paper: In August 2015 A Narrowing of Meaning: loss of narrative unity and the nature of change appeared belatedly in the International Journal of Sustainable Design, published by Inderscience (Vol. 2, No. 4, 2014, pp.283-296). It considers where design might best focus its efforts in relation to contemporary concerns about sustainability, particularly in view of the magnitude and nature of change required. I trace the long entrenchment of assumptions, conventions and outlooks that led to the modern/late-modern worldview - a shift not only associated with unprecedented environmental damage, but also with a narrower perspective, a loss of narrative unity, and a loss of meaning. I argue that design, by widening its purview, can be a catalyst for restoring a more balanced approach to products and processes in context; thereby contributing to a recovery both of narrative unity and of meaning.

Exhibition: In August 2015, Stuart Walker's design work was on show at Craft ACT, in Canberra in their Embracing Innovation Volume 5 Exhibition. The show was introduced by Dr. Susan Ostling and highlighted in Art Guide Australia and the Sydney Morning Herald

Book Review: A review of the book Designing Sustainability appeared in the 29 June 2015 edition of Sublime Magazine Book Review

Interview: An in-depth interview is featured in the May/June 2015 edition of Design Magazine - read it HERE.

Book Review: A review by Dr. Paul Micklethwaite of Designing Sustainability is published in the Design Journal Vol.18, Issue 2, pp.295-300.

Book Review: Designing Sustainability is reviewed by Tiago Krusse in Design Magazine.

Keynote: Stuart gave a keynote address to a joint audience of the World Conference on Design and the Arts and the 4th International Education Conference, 26-28 June, 2015 at the Christian University, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Keynote: Stuart gave a keynote address at the UnMaking Waste conference in Adelaide in May 2015 and exhibited various designs in the accompanying Gallery Show